Saturday, November 27, 2010

When a Phoebe Marries a Chandler....

There's a serious lack of Monica. Truth: I have no absolute guest list. I've just recently started to try to put things together in Excel (which is both a cursed and blessed thing). I am still really confused about how to organize them. I'm really worried about people slipping through the cracks due to my scatterbrained method (or lack thereof). You see, I've just been too busy thinking about the creative things! Colors, food, decorations galore! I'm the Phoebe =). David, true to Chandler behavior, is constantly ducking out of any preparation and plans to just show up and party the day of. (Admit it David, you know it's true, hehe!)

So, now I have a list of about 300 guests. No prob, I was expecting this--more acutally. I just know a much smaller number will be coming. I'm guessing about 200 or 150 RSVP (or, come, rather since no one RSVPs). What I DID realize, is that even with 300 or so expected guests, the actual number of invitations I need to send out is sitting at 121!! In retrospect, it was very silly of me to think I'd need an invite for every guest! That's hardly any at all! So, I've hopped on over to Mercucio Bros. again to reconfigure my price of invites at this new lower number and I'll go into that a bit more on another post, but, for now, I will remain on the subject of guest lists.

First of all, thank God I'm not having arranged seating. That would be a whole other level of stress I can't deal with. I already feel like I need a ton of separate lists as it is! The "They are definitely invited" list, the "I can cut those guys if I need to" list, the "needs a hotel" list, the "I need to double check these names with my mother" list, and so on and so forth. I may end up writing everything down on notecards...then I could sort them into different piles...but what if people need to be in more than one pile?! And don't even get me started on collecting addresses! Oh dear....this part of wedding planning is too confusing.

Speaking of Phoebe and Chandler, here's a great moment:

If the A.D.D. quality of this post doesn't attest to my disorganization, I don't know what does...


  1. Oh man I love lists! You know what's better than a list, though? A COLOR CODED list! Come home so I can help you :)

    Also, I have some really cute ideas for engagement pictures!

  2. Oh bother! I guess this means I'm a Monica. I've got tons of lists. I haven't made the hotel list yet so thanks for that reminder. I'm gonna do that today.

  3. I'm your Monica ;)