Saturday, February 26, 2011

Stop the Presses!

Well, guys, you haven't heard from me in a long time because I've been living in a Cathy cartoon.
With my spring break o' wedding stuff, I've been running around, goin' totally crazy and spastastic! It's been one of those times when I realize just how difficult it is to balance graduation and wedding planning. I've gotten a lot of things together (although I still have a few things to do). I'm collecting addresses, I have fittings and photos lined up! And........

After a LOT of effort, working, reworking, and trial and error, I have created a final product! This is what we're printing!! (Well, with our real names of course)

I realize that this image is really sharp and smaller than I'd like, but again...I'm not very good at html stuff. But, yeah! I like it! =D I had to fix it, like, a billion times, but it's officially being printed along with a matching card I made. Wooot! Expect a lot of exciting updates in the future starting Saturday when my spring break wedding-a-thon occurs!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Guys! Can I do this??

Ok, so I got my design mock up from the graphic artist at the printing place we're using:

and I was thinking "Eeeh, not quite, it's more like..." and then I hopped on to Photoshop Elements (for those of you who don't know, it's kinda like a minimalist version of Photoshop) and I whipped up more what I was looking for. Then...then, I started messing around. I taught myself how to change the color of an object and in about an hour I had.....


It wasn't perfect. It was a bit messy. The border was a copy/paste off of a picture of a place mat so it's blurry and the color change left the background a bit blue. But, I had kind of impressed myself. I decided to make something a bit more seriously. I have about 4 different things I came up with, but after downloading brushes and fonts and rehashing all my ideas, I think this is my favorite so far...

Now, this is just after maybeeee, two hours of messing around? I still have lots of frame/scroll/font combos to try! I'm thinking that just maybe...I can make my own invite design!

So what do you think guys, can I do this?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Don't Let the Wedding Monster Gobble You Up!

I've always watched fun shows about weddings like "Say Yes to the Dress" and "Platinum Weddings" even before I was engaged.(Of course, who doesn't?) But it wasn't until recently that I have a wedding to compare them to. As all the pieces are falling into place for our wedding, there isn't much mystery left--I know almost exactly how most of my wedding will look. And now, every element I see on TV or in notoriously cute wedding blogs, I compare it to its counterpart in my wedding. This gets me thinking things I never would have thought a few months, the show "My Fair Wedding."

Although I love the show, I always thought, "There's no way I could do that! I love putting my wedding together with my family and friends, and I couldn't bare taking my personal style out of the equation!" But, when I was watching it recently, I thought, "Wow, look how beautiful and expensive everything looks. It might be worth it to audition for that..." Whaaaaa?? Am I crazy?! After all this effort and thought I've put into this? Just too look more fancy?? Lordy.

But again, watching that same show I found myself admiring the beautiful reception (which he always rocks, lol) ...

(sorry, biggest pic I could find: source)
I thought--I could do that! Wait--no I can't. I don't have enough room....hmm...the invites haven't gone out yet, maybe if I cut the guestlist down--*record scraaaaatch* Did I just think that? I mean. Seriously? "Maybe if I have less guests, I can have more...shiny shrubs???" That's super duper NOT what we're about! I know that we wanna have a giant mob of a party for our wedding! It's 100% us. You know what we have nothing to do with? Shiny shrubs.

It's okay that we're having a big wedding. It spreads our budget a lot thinner, but, it's worth it to have everyone we want there on our big day! It's hard to come to terms with this when you see the weddings on blogs like Style Me Pretty have small intimate weddings exploding with lavish details.

I just cannot let the "Wedding Monster" get me! The Wedding Monster is what I like to call the wedding industry--to an extent. It's more like the way you get caught up in it as bride. It's so easy to build up these fantasy weddings you see on television and online instead of considering the important parts!

For full effect, please play this while reading the next portion:

So, I will not be disheartened. I will not audition for a wedding show. I will not cut my guest list. I will have an iPod instead of a DJ! I will have Sams Club flowers instead of a florist! I will have a giant reception! I will have friends, family, and love! And I will have the wedding that I want to have, not the wedding the industry thinks I should have! SO THERE!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Up, Down, Touch the Ground

Okay, guys. You may have noticed me mentioning my weight here and there, and it's about time I put all my cards on the table.

When I bought my dress in August I was 128. That was fine, but I knew I was a teensy bit heavier than normal, because I usually weighed around 123-125. At that point I made my goal weight 120lbs. It seemed very attainable. Then, I went to Jordan.....

....and when I came back, I weighed--ready?--140lbs. It was the heaviest I had ever been, and more importantly--I couldn't fit into my dress at this weight. There was no other option but to lose. So, I've tried a variety of things. First of all, I downloaded an iPhone app called "My Net Diary" on the recommendation of my fiancé (skinny little thing--a big health nut too). This app is pretty cool. I got the free one, but it still allows me to set up a calorie intake plan and has nutrients facts on a bajillion different foods! Keeping track of what I'm eating is really easy! Also, it congratulates me for doing things right, like drinking enough water and gets mad at me for things like not eating enough fiber at breakfast. Now, my plan was to use calorie counting AND Weight Watchers points, hoping the combined efforts would keep me good.

My problem? Cheating. I didn't like to factor things in like....a glass of Arbor Mist. In case you are wondering what Arbor Mist is made of, it's sugar and calories. Of course, this had me yo-yo-ing all over the 130's. It was frustrating, but I came to terms with the fact that it was my fault. I buckled down and bought a scale.

I know a lot of people hate scales, but I haven't had a better friend. It's honest, upfront, and straight to the point. It's tell-it-like-it-is neon numbers have kept me in check. I've been eating things like broccoli and carrots. And I'm proud to tell you all...that I'm back to 128!!! That's right. I've lost 12 pounds! =D But, I'm not stopping there--I'm on a roll! (a roll-free one!) I'm working my way down to that 120 I nostalgically remember from high school--before 1 AM taco runs and out of control study snacking!

Also, I have my secret weapon to bust out closer to the big day....

I purchased an AWESOME groupon that got me two months of unlimited bootcamp sessions at Get Sexy San Antonio. It's going to kick my butt, I guarantee you, but it's gotta kick it into good shape!

I'll be giving you more weight loss updates in the future! Wish me luck, guys!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

High-End Inspiration!

So, today I went out shopping with a group of friends at La Cantera, which is a nice outdoor mall in San Antonio (Eva Longoria shops there!) and we (or, rather I) did some window shopping! While looking around, I picked up a few awesome ideas! The first came from Neiman Marcus.

The second we turned the corner past the make-up and perfume booths, we see THIS:

Hundreds of feather butterflies alternating with small, glimmering mirrors! None of the pictures I could find could really grasp the grandeur of this installation but I LOVED it. We all did, actually. We ooh'd and aww'd a great deal before moving on to shop! The concept is really simple: butterflies on fishing line with little mirror tiles glued together to form a double side! I realized that this is a totally doable project that also has a real show stopper quality! Plus, I found some cheeeeap mirror tiles at Oriental Trading! My main problem is that I can't figure out where I can hang them! The ceilings aren't super high in our reception area...I'll have to email them.

Inspiration 2 is a lot simpler. It came from the adorable new displays at Tiffany's!

It's just fancy embroidery on looms! It's fun and can add a little vintage touch I just love! I was thinking it could be anything from monograms to something similar to this like "L is for Love." =)

I hope I'm not trying to cram in too many details!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Om Nom Nom

Here's something everyone should know about me: I LOVE FOOD. Food is always apart of my social gatherings. I love eating it, I love cooking it, and I love serving it. I didn't want a sit down meal because I didn't want just one chance to eat! (They take away your fooood! Not cool.)What I want is a veritable smorgesborg of heavy hors'devours and desserts that everyone can eat on all night long!!! Like I said, I LOVE food. Food was something I was prepared to drop a pretty penny for. But, I'm not going to have to! Why?

It's time for another session of "Why Erin's Mom is Awesome"....

Our venue requires our food come with a caterers licence attached. If there's anything I find grossly overpriced in the wedding business, it's catering. I mean, the food can be fantastic, but there's just that painful sting in knowing how much mark up is involved from wholesale to serving table. So, Mom came up with a brilliant solution. She GOT a catering license. See, if there's anything we've got in our group of family and close friends, it's gumption in the kitchen. You combine our magical church potluck powers with a stack of new recipes and membership to Sams Club? People are gonna be eatin'. Not to mention, my little sister is a goddess of baking.

For my buffet of hors'devours, me and my bud, Chui (part of our wedding party) having been searching high and low for awesome recipes. One of my favorite stops is Paula Deen.

Mmm, look at those pork sandwiches.

But I found these neat petite lasangas via stumble upon!

I thought these were adorable!! Miniature, but in a new fun way! THEN Chui found this....

"Muffin Pan" Tacos from a website chock full of similar muffin pan recipes! Do I taste a theme coming on?

Okay, just one more pic....

These are Chipotle Turkey Cups. Oh, hey, I think you've got a bit of drool right there....

Originally, Mom got her catering licence just for my wedding, but now, with their new business, Southern Charm Wedding and Event Design, my mom and her friends can definitely get a lot out of that licence! If you remember, Southern Charm is going to be featured in the Knot for their work on the wedding of my old friend. =)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Quick on the Draw

So, here's some updates on my experience with registries. While I was home over winter break, my mom and I went on a registry adventure! Our first stop was Bed Bath & Beyond, where I armed myself with a scanner gun and a vague color palette. Mom was great at helping me remember things to get and to put together a look. We left BB&B with a good amount of stuff on our list.

We then went to Dillards which was undergoing inventory so I couldn't register for much. I got china and I talked to the bridal registry consultant (absolutely ADORABLE woman who gave me a lot of tips for when I go back). Then we went to Target. The system was down. EVERYWHERE. They told us every Target in existence was unable to start a new registry that day. But, I eventually went back a few days later to register anyway. I just couldn't help it. I've heard the horror stories. But they have such cute things!! Also, their scanner guns are much more gun-like. It made me feel like a sharp shooter or something! =)

If you're wondering why David wasn't present there are two reasons: 1) He was back in Cali and 2) You can put registries under the "wedding things that elude David." Here, take some examples from our conversation about what things to register for.

Me: "Do you have a blender?"

David: "Yeah."

Me: "Well, is it a good blender?"

David: "It blends things..."

Me: "Yes, but is it nice?"

David: " has nine buttons..."

David doesn't understand registering for things he already has, like plates. I try to explain that in the future we'll want more than your two plates from the Dollar Tree.

Convo Number 2:

Me: (going through list) "...a veggie peeler..."

David: "What would we need that for?"

Me: "If we make mashed potatoes or something."

David: "I never make mashed potatoes..."

Me: "I might!!"

David also can't foresee me being very domestic either, hahaha. He's also concerned that, if the amount of baking supplies I've registered for is any indicator, I'm going to make us both fat. ^_^

Anyway, I really had a lot of fun registering (and I'm still in the process, actually) but what was more fun was what happened when I logged on today! Somebody GOT US SOMETHING. I haven't even told many people where I'm registered! (But I'm sure Mom's told the town, hehe) Cookware! I officially have cookware! (Ok, maybe not officially, because someone else still has it in their possession, but still!) I'm so thrilled! I got so excited just picking stuff out that I almost forgot that people actually get the stuff for you!