Sunday, February 13, 2011

High-End Inspiration!

So, today I went out shopping with a group of friends at La Cantera, which is a nice outdoor mall in San Antonio (Eva Longoria shops there!) and we (or, rather I) did some window shopping! While looking around, I picked up a few awesome ideas! The first came from Neiman Marcus.

The second we turned the corner past the make-up and perfume booths, we see THIS:

Hundreds of feather butterflies alternating with small, glimmering mirrors! None of the pictures I could find could really grasp the grandeur of this installation but I LOVED it. We all did, actually. We ooh'd and aww'd a great deal before moving on to shop! The concept is really simple: butterflies on fishing line with little mirror tiles glued together to form a double side! I realized that this is a totally doable project that also has a real show stopper quality! Plus, I found some cheeeeap mirror tiles at Oriental Trading! My main problem is that I can't figure out where I can hang them! The ceilings aren't super high in our reception area...I'll have to email them.

Inspiration 2 is a lot simpler. It came from the adorable new displays at Tiffany's!

It's just fancy embroidery on looms! It's fun and can add a little vintage touch I just love! I was thinking it could be anything from monograms to something similar to this like "L is for Love." =)

I hope I'm not trying to cram in too many details!!

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