Saturday, February 12, 2011

Om Nom Nom

Here's something everyone should know about me: I LOVE FOOD. Food is always apart of my social gatherings. I love eating it, I love cooking it, and I love serving it. I didn't want a sit down meal because I didn't want just one chance to eat! (They take away your fooood! Not cool.)What I want is a veritable smorgesborg of heavy hors'devours and desserts that everyone can eat on all night long!!! Like I said, I LOVE food. Food was something I was prepared to drop a pretty penny for. But, I'm not going to have to! Why?

It's time for another session of "Why Erin's Mom is Awesome"....

Our venue requires our food come with a caterers licence attached. If there's anything I find grossly overpriced in the wedding business, it's catering. I mean, the food can be fantastic, but there's just that painful sting in knowing how much mark up is involved from wholesale to serving table. So, Mom came up with a brilliant solution. She GOT a catering license. See, if there's anything we've got in our group of family and close friends, it's gumption in the kitchen. You combine our magical church potluck powers with a stack of new recipes and membership to Sams Club? People are gonna be eatin'. Not to mention, my little sister is a goddess of baking.

For my buffet of hors'devours, me and my bud, Chui (part of our wedding party) having been searching high and low for awesome recipes. One of my favorite stops is Paula Deen.

Mmm, look at those pork sandwiches.

But I found these neat petite lasangas via stumble upon!

I thought these were adorable!! Miniature, but in a new fun way! THEN Chui found this....

"Muffin Pan" Tacos from a website chock full of similar muffin pan recipes! Do I taste a theme coming on?

Okay, just one more pic....

These are Chipotle Turkey Cups. Oh, hey, I think you've got a bit of drool right there....

Originally, Mom got her catering licence just for my wedding, but now, with their new business, Southern Charm Wedding and Event Design, my mom and her friends can definitely get a lot out of that licence! If you remember, Southern Charm is going to be featured in the Knot for their work on the wedding of my old friend. =)

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