Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Up, Down, Touch the Ground

Okay, guys. You may have noticed me mentioning my weight here and there, and it's about time I put all my cards on the table.

When I bought my dress in August I was 128. That was fine, but I knew I was a teensy bit heavier than normal, because I usually weighed around 123-125. At that point I made my goal weight 120lbs. It seemed very attainable. Then, I went to Jordan.....

....and when I came back, I weighed--ready?--140lbs. It was the heaviest I had ever been, and more importantly--I couldn't fit into my dress at this weight. There was no other option but to lose. So, I've tried a variety of things. First of all, I downloaded an iPhone app called "My Net Diary" on the recommendation of my fiancé (skinny little thing--a big health nut too). This app is pretty cool. I got the free one, but it still allows me to set up a calorie intake plan and has nutrients facts on a bajillion different foods! Keeping track of what I'm eating is really easy! Also, it congratulates me for doing things right, like drinking enough water and gets mad at me for things like not eating enough fiber at breakfast. Now, my plan was to use calorie counting AND Weight Watchers points, hoping the combined efforts would keep me good.

My problem? Cheating. I didn't like to factor things in like....a glass of Arbor Mist. In case you are wondering what Arbor Mist is made of, it's sugar and calories. Of course, this had me yo-yo-ing all over the 130's. It was frustrating, but I came to terms with the fact that it was my fault. I buckled down and bought a scale.

I know a lot of people hate scales, but I haven't had a better friend. It's honest, upfront, and straight to the point. It's tell-it-like-it-is neon numbers have kept me in check. I've been eating things like broccoli and carrots. And I'm proud to tell you all...that I'm back to 128!!! That's right. I've lost 12 pounds! =D But, I'm not stopping there--I'm on a roll! (a roll-free one!) I'm working my way down to that 120 I nostalgically remember from high school--before 1 AM taco runs and out of control study snacking!

Also, I have my secret weapon to bust out closer to the big day....

I purchased an AWESOME groupon that got me two months of unlimited bootcamp sessions at Get Sexy San Antonio. It's going to kick my butt, I guarantee you, but it's gotta kick it into good shape!

I'll be giving you more weight loss updates in the future! Wish me luck, guys!

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  1. Keep us posted on how it goes! I love Groupon :-)