Saturday, February 5, 2011

Quick on the Draw

So, here's some updates on my experience with registries. While I was home over winter break, my mom and I went on a registry adventure! Our first stop was Bed Bath & Beyond, where I armed myself with a scanner gun and a vague color palette. Mom was great at helping me remember things to get and to put together a look. We left BB&B with a good amount of stuff on our list.

We then went to Dillards which was undergoing inventory so I couldn't register for much. I got china and I talked to the bridal registry consultant (absolutely ADORABLE woman who gave me a lot of tips for when I go back). Then we went to Target. The system was down. EVERYWHERE. They told us every Target in existence was unable to start a new registry that day. But, I eventually went back a few days later to register anyway. I just couldn't help it. I've heard the horror stories. But they have such cute things!! Also, their scanner guns are much more gun-like. It made me feel like a sharp shooter or something! =)

If you're wondering why David wasn't present there are two reasons: 1) He was back in Cali and 2) You can put registries under the "wedding things that elude David." Here, take some examples from our conversation about what things to register for.

Me: "Do you have a blender?"

David: "Yeah."

Me: "Well, is it a good blender?"

David: "It blends things..."

Me: "Yes, but is it nice?"

David: " has nine buttons..."

David doesn't understand registering for things he already has, like plates. I try to explain that in the future we'll want more than your two plates from the Dollar Tree.

Convo Number 2:

Me: (going through list) "...a veggie peeler..."

David: "What would we need that for?"

Me: "If we make mashed potatoes or something."

David: "I never make mashed potatoes..."

Me: "I might!!"

David also can't foresee me being very domestic either, hahaha. He's also concerned that, if the amount of baking supplies I've registered for is any indicator, I'm going to make us both fat. ^_^

Anyway, I really had a lot of fun registering (and I'm still in the process, actually) but what was more fun was what happened when I logged on today! Somebody GOT US SOMETHING. I haven't even told many people where I'm registered! (But I'm sure Mom's told the town, hehe) Cookware! I officially have cookware! (Ok, maybe not officially, because someone else still has it in their possession, but still!) I'm so thrilled! I got so excited just picking stuff out that I almost forgot that people actually get the stuff for you!

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