Thursday, February 24, 2011

Guys! Can I do this??

Ok, so I got my design mock up from the graphic artist at the printing place we're using:

and I was thinking "Eeeh, not quite, it's more like..." and then I hopped on to Photoshop Elements (for those of you who don't know, it's kinda like a minimalist version of Photoshop) and I whipped up more what I was looking for. Then...then, I started messing around. I taught myself how to change the color of an object and in about an hour I had.....


It wasn't perfect. It was a bit messy. The border was a copy/paste off of a picture of a place mat so it's blurry and the color change left the background a bit blue. But, I had kind of impressed myself. I decided to make something a bit more seriously. I have about 4 different things I came up with, but after downloading brushes and fonts and rehashing all my ideas, I think this is my favorite so far...

Now, this is just after maybeeee, two hours of messing around? I still have lots of frame/scroll/font combos to try! I'm thinking that just maybe...I can make my own invite design!

So what do you think guys, can I do this?

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