Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Erin and David's Greatest Hits Part *3*! SURPRISE!!

Yep, it's true. I realized after promising only two music posts, that I still have more to address on the musical front! So, hold on tight--here we go again!

Okay, I addressed the ceremony music and TOTALLY forgot the reception! So, first of all being a modern-day budget bride usually entails nixing bands and DJs. This is a budget cut I'm definitely okay with. DJ's tend to make me feel uncomfortable and bands can be kinda limited in what they play. Nowadays, thanks to the miracle invention of mp3's, couples can have what has been deemed "The iPod Wedding." You give a charismatic friend a mic and a playlist and dance the night away without paying an extra penny! Anywho, with that explanation out of the way let me reveal a few key songs.

The Big Entrance Number:

Option 1:

Good Lovin' -- The Rascals

Option 2:

Pop Goes My Heart -- Music and Lyrics Soundtrack

Ok, ok, don't hate. I wasn't a fan of this movie, to be honest, but the spunky upbeat 80's sound and silliness of it all goes hand in hand with David and me!

The Father-Daughter Dance:

First of all, let me say that I find it weird to pick out the song you dance with your father to, because I kinda feel like I'm putting words in his mouth. So, I would definitely want to get his opinion on this matter. Buuut, pending approval, I give you "daddy-daughter song to make people cry,"

If I Had My Way -- Mills Brothers

Our First Dance:

Alright, this one is a surprise to be disclosed later, but for consolation, I give you ...

Our Recessional! I think I'm finished with music....for now...

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  1. "For Once in my Life" is a great recessional song!