Thursday, November 4, 2010

Confessions of a Budget Bride

So, my budget for my wedding is $10,000. For some people it seems like bookoos of money and for others, you probably passed out just thinking of how to stretch that amount that far. It depends a lot on the region and what you expect do have in your wedding. First of all, I plan on having a lot of guests, probably 200 or so. I also want to have drinks, dancing, and plenty of food. Once you start adding things up for this number of people, even in my fairly cheaper region of West Texas, things start to get tight. So, to have all the things I want and stay within my budget, I have to focus on finding the bargain.

So, you wanna know my secret? Ok, come closer.....closer.....too close! A little too close!

(Sorry, couldn't pass it up!) Ok, the truth is...I love being a budget bride. I know I may eat my words later, but I love how much of my wedding is DIY! For those who don't know, we're doing our own flowers and catering, and I couldn't be more thrilled to try stuff out and decorate! Not to mention, bargain hunting is pretty much my favorite sport. I'm in physical pain that I'm missing Black Friday this year. (Yes, I'm one of those crazies) I've already found quite a few good deals and I know I'll find more! One of them is Sam's Club bulk flowers. The reviews are amazing and I recently found another "bee" ( user) that used them for her wedding. They were GORGEOUS and she gave me some tips on how many to buy and even a cheap place to buy floral supplies! The hydrangeas were great and the prices will knock you flat!

I think I may order a practice pack when I get back home so Mom and I can work on some centerpieces. Plus, did I mention that one of my girls Cortney and her mom Tonjua are pretty much experienced florists? Well, they've worked on a few weddings in their time (including Cort's!) And I'm thinkin' things are going to turn out great!

I can't wait to get back to the states and hash out some more deals, maybe haggle with some vendors. Also, I'm thinking about cafe lights and/or bunting....we'll see what happens there! =)


  1. Budget bride here! I am stuck between and for flowers. I don't have a membership and I really wouldn't use it (I guess I would if I had to buy it.) Both have lots of great reviews and I cannot for the life of me figure out why fiftyflowers is more. I want gerberas and I think I will go with fiftyflowers because Sam's doesn't have the super gerberas the colors fiftyflowers does. Ugh, so conflicted!

  2. Just found your blog on Wedding Bee and just wanted to say hi!

    I consider myself a budget bride but I guess its all a matter of perspective... my budget is a little higher than yours but I am only having about 50 people. However we are doing a destination wedding so we are also paying for a number of other events that weekend!

    I look forward to seeing how things turn out. I wish I could do my own flowers....

  3. I also found your blog on wedding bee! I can't wait to follow along. $10,000 for 200 people! I've been scoping out Costco flowers too to keep them as an option for centerpieces in case the florist making our bouquets is too expensive.

  4. If you have any tips on where to go for Black Friday, I am contemplating braving it so you can feel the cheap-present-rush vicariously. Speaking of, Angelina and I went to the glorious TJ Maxx Home Store yesterday! She bought a disco ball. No, really. I nearly bought an hour glass before I came to my senses, as well.

    - your favorite roommate :)

  5. I highly recommend for wholesale flowers as well. I used them several times a year, and have never been disappointed!