Saturday, November 13, 2010

Erin and David's Greatest Hits Part 2

Ok, so, I already told y'all about the instrumental portion of our ceremony (well, as much as I have planned so far) by the fantastic Will Aufrict and noooow, I'm going to introduce my secret weapon number 2: my bridesmaid and HS BFF, Meredith! (It's true, I am lucky enough to have this many musically gifted friends--I have more!)

For those who don't know, Meredith has an amaaaazing voice! I would love to give you a taste, but evidentially, there are no videos I could find of her! **cough cough** get on that, Mere **cough cough** The biggest decision I've been trying to make however, is what she will sing during the ceremony. The original song I had picked out was "Always" by Irving Berlin. Now, this one isn't totally off the table. It's sooo beautiful and sweet. But, as always, I'm feeling rather indecisive!

Here's a rendition by Old Blue Eyes...

I have a few other songs that I really liked and I thought about having Mere and Will team up and having them do a really cool cover of a good classic--maybe Queen!

I Was Born to Love You:

or You're My Best Friend:

I decided "Born to Love You" might be a good parent or grandparent processional-piano-only song. "Best Friend" is definitely still an option and it's just so cute! However, there's one particular song that is in the lead.

It started when I fell in LOVE with Kay Starr. I heard her song "If You Love Me, Really Love Me" and thought it captured a perfect image of how I felt about David.

I found out a while later that it was originally a French song from the one and only Edith Piaf. So, I hunted down the French version and given Meredith's classical background, I know she can really nail the pronunciation. This is a different artist performing the song. Not that I couldn't find Edith's version, but I think this girl's voice is much closer to Meredith's.

Now, why would I do the French version instead? I'm not 100% sure why it appeals to me more. Maybe because that's how it was originally written or because out of some musical respect for Edith Piaf, or maybe just because I know Meredith could do it well! Who knows? Either way, I think I'm leading towards the French...It is the language of love, right? =) I still have a lot of narrowing down to do...

Anyway, sorry for the sporadic posting! I'm in ISTANBUL! =D

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