Sunday, November 7, 2010

Erin and David's Greatest Hits Part 1

Just so you guys know, I love music. I love it so much, I'm devoting two posts to it. So, here's part one!

Okay, I'm totally cool with the traditional music, but I knew I wanted something different. Specifically I wanted a different bridal processional tune. I moved around a lot on what I really wanted and finally I decided I wanted to do a piano cover of "Til There Was You" from The Music Man/The Beatles. I searched and searched for a good recording but none of them sounded like I wanted. I DID however find a beautiful version on YouTube! This, this is what I wanted above all else:

But, how to get that song at my wedding with no sheet music or real recording? Enter my friend Will, piano god.

He wrote that song. Yeah. He wrote others too (look 'em up on iTunes) but that is my favorite! Anyhow, Will agreed to play for my wedding ceremony! When I get back to the states will work out an arrangement like the one I found on YouTube! Also, I want other fun songs to make piano covers of! I'm thinking "Stuttering" by Ben's Brother....

I gave David the assignment of finding good modern songs to cover...he doesn't enjoy wedding planning much, but I figure that's a fair request, right?

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