Friday, October 29, 2010

What the Veil?

Ok, ok, I know I haven't actually shown y'all the dress. And I know it seems ridiculous since even my hubbie to be saw it, buuuut, I just don't have the right pic of it! Unfortunately, that's on my sister's camera in America. So, I'm going to skip that story for now to tell you about my veil-piphany.

So I, like many others in my generation, was so "over" the veil. I loved the idea of a well placed organza flower or a glittery heirloom fashioned into my curls. That would all do a complete 180. I guess you never say never, right?

So, other brides, or those that have gone dress shopping (specifically at David's bridal), or anyone who's seen Say Yes to the Dress (LOVE) know the tricky little ace up the sleeve. The Veil. Oh yes, bring out this little diddy to make the bride feel like--well, a bride. Of course, the veil is meant to seal the deal with the dress, not the veil itself. But, when my consultant stuck that cathedral length veil and blusher on my head, I was about to float away! I knew, no matter what the dress, that I wanted--not a headpiece, not a flower, not even just a birdcage veil--I wanted the drag-down-the-aisle-behind-me, looky-looky-I'm-a-bride, cathedral-length veil. Never in all my 14 years of dreaming of my wedding had I pictured myself in something so incredibly traditional. But, like I said: never say never.

So, I didn't even consider it in my original budget, but I thought that surely it wouldn't be tooooo much....ah, when will I learn? It's a wedding, so of course an extra long piece of fabric will be expensive! $200! $300! And those didn't even include my blusher! But then I hopped on over to (have you been there yet? Go there!!) and I found a listing in the classified section! I got both my veil and blusher for $100! It definitely fit nicely into my budget and they were both perfect.

BAM! See that guys? It's all about the drama.

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