Saturday, October 16, 2010

Let's get some SHOES

If there's one decision I made years ago that still holds true today it was to wear blue shoes down the aisle. I decided this far before deciding on the groom or the even witnessing my first wedding blog. Of course, now it's far more common place, but my dream never died! I new I wanted some awesome shoes. I budgeted 100 dollars for my shoes alone knowing I wanted this pair to count!

Now, while browsing, a dangerous and indulgent pass time for many brides--I saw them. I was head over heels, over heels! (Yes, I went there)

OxfordHeaven's Marie Antoinette Inspired Shoes!

They were frilly, flirty, and fun! I absolutely had to have a pair. After searching her store, I saw there weren't really any in my size in the colors I needed. So, it all came down toooo custom shoes!

Could a girl ask for more! Haha! The user is very very friendly and has been oh-so-accommodating. I sent her the color swatch of my girls' dresses, and she was totally upfront that the colors may not match. Of course, that's no problem! I'm just going for the basic idea here, and as long as they are a shade of blue, I'm good! My only concern would be that the shoes would be turquoise or something that airs on the side of the trendy Tiffany Blue. I don't have anything against the color--it's just not mine!

You should definitely check out these indulgent shoes!

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