Thursday, October 7, 2010

Photography! or Reasons My FMIL ROCKS!

So, my FMIL, Jeanette, had a family friend do the photography for her wedding. She has since become a HUGE scrapbooker. She now wishes she would have spent the money for a professional photographer to capture her big day noting that photographs are the only thing you can really keep from that day. She didn't want us to worry about fitting that into the budget so she is paying for a beautiful wedding package by local photographers Aric and Casey.

Let me tell you right now that I've been stalking Aric and Casey's blog for ages and time after time their work has made my heart turn somersaults in my chest! Here's a few samples!

Now, I had pretty much ruled them out before I was even engaged knowing I could never afford them, but in came Jeanette, my fairy mother-in-law to turn my pumpkin into a golden carriage! She's an absolute angel and I could never thank her enough for such a gracious gift!

Check out more of Aric and Casey at their blog!

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