Saturday, October 16, 2010

Belly up to the Bar! (The Dessert Bar, that is)

So, this is my first admitted "copy/paste" from someone else's wedding. But it's not without modification--in my defense! A fellow user of weddingbee shared her signature cocktail plan on a board and I just LOVED it! She would have four sig cocktails: something old (dry martini), something new (raspberry cosmo) something borrowed (long island iced tea) and something blue (blue hawaiian)! Now, honestly, I'm not sure why the long island iced tea is borrowed, but I think the idea is gold! Now, I didn't want to steal the idea outright and I think my bar set up will be a bit different. (I'll discuss that later) But, I knew a place it would work perfectly! BUM BADA DUUUUM!


A lot of elements were already there! My grandmother recently passed away, and I had wanted to use her passed-down recipe for"Monster Cookies" as a sentimental touch. Something old, right?I wanted to have my sister make her famed Southern Chocolate Praline Cake: borrowed. Now for the something new and something blue.

Truth be told, one of the first things out of my mouth when asked about reception was doughnut tower.

My mom was like "Whaaaa?" and my sis was like "Sweeeeet."

Now, this isn't a replacement cake--I know a lot of couples do this. It would be a separate entity. Smaller but very similar to what you see above. I didn't think it quiiite fit into "new" because although they're new to weddings, they are an old dessert. So, the best fit seemed blue. I plan to order these delicious assorted doughnuts and request two things: blue icing on some, blue sprinkles on others. A stretch? Yes, quite possibly. How much will people care when they are biting into a sticky, sweet doughnut? Not a lot (I hope!).

So that just leaves "new." Sigh, oh, new. What shall I do for you? Right now my thought is chile fudge...that's kinda new, right? Well, if anyone has any better thoughts, please help!!

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