Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What the Girls are Wearing

So, the first few times I went a-searching for dresses for the girls in our WP, it was pretty much ridiculous. The reason? I had NO idea what I wanted! I had one specification: short. Yeah, good one Erin--that narrows it down. I did have a basic color in mind--a cornflower blue. But, as we poked about I started kind of liking the idea of dressing them in my other golden color...anyway, I did run into a few designs I thought looked ok, but the girls I had in them weren't the ones I was worried about in terms of silhouette.

You see, a few of my girls have two big problems. BOOBS. God endowed these girls with a little extra up top which meant the dresses needed to cover that area up or they might make the preacher work up a sweat! So, I couldn't really make any decisions until I had some of them try stuff on.

Then, one magical morning, I went with two of my girls and my mom to David's Bridal and--I kid you not--the second dress they tried on was it! Wham, bam, thank ya ma'am! Here they are sporting the short, fun, and totally rewearable numbers! (not the cornflower I ordered them in, but still)

They were perfect! Not only were they flattering, they were only $99 and on tax-free weekend! For those of you who do not live in a state with tax free weekend, it's pretty much exactly what it sounds like--tax free on all items as looong as they're under 100 dollars! So you know what that means! We saved a bundle! I talked to the girls and we decided to split the price down the middle. I'm using the left over room in our budget for the dresses for a spa day! (right before I work them like dogs...heh heh)

As for my MOH, my little sister of 16, I decided after looking at some swatches and thinking reeeally hard to put her in a completely different dress. "What?" you may ask. Yes, it's true. I'm putting her in a long dress made of hammered gold satin. Why? For one, I really wanted her to look different some way. Two, she looked absolutely stunning in the dress. I wish I had a picture of her in it--it would floor you. Here's the dress worn by some model.

We thought we might throw in a cornflower flower pin on the waist to tie her in with the other girls a bit more. I had originally ordered her the SAME dress as the other girls but in a different color. But, once DB finally got the swatch I immediately thought "Oh no, that is definitely tan." Had I named the color it would be "camel" not "golden." Anyhow, I'm very glad I switched it up. I think it will be great for the big day!

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