Monday, October 11, 2010

Left Overs (and Erin takes a chill pill)

Ok, so, I talked to my mom, slept on it, and totally got over it. I just decided there will be a lot of things that go wrong or at least are out of my control, and I can't freak out! Haha, so, it's no biggie. Life goes on, and everything will still be great! (Well, at least the parts that count)

In other news, I've been trying to figure out the little things here and there I haven't quite pegged down in the budget. The all too intimidating budget left overs.... One of them is the overlays or table runners for the reception. I can't decide whether to rent or buy or make some, or what! I threw a post up on wedding bee to see if another bride would be up for sharing and splitting the cost. I got two replies!--from vendors. (whaw whaw) But hey, it's only been one day! There's still hope! My theory is that if I do end up buying them, I can resale them!

There's a million other tiny things that I will have to cram into my budget sooner or later: votives, ribbon, floral foam, the stationary to make little food signs--all burdens of a die hard do-it-yourself'er! Not to mention I'm still not 100% sure on invites (and am no where near a solid idea on programs!). I do know that I am not DIYing the invitations though. I know this may seem odd since if anybody does anything themselves, it's usually the paper goods, buuut, I know my strengths--and my mom knows hers! Flowers? We can do that! Food? Bring it on! Cardstock? Oh, lordy no! I found a cool thing called! I love the designs and through the site I found MercucioBros. who do very affordable letterpress! I'm about 75% sure this is the route I wanna go. What do you think? I would change the colors to suit my own of course...

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