Saturday, September 3, 2011

Recap Part 2: The First Look

Truth: This post is mainly just pictures.

So, I was originally opposed to the whole "first look" thing. As evident by my posts, I'm selectively traditional. I tend to be traditional when it is no longer mainstream. Yes, I know. I'm just being contrary. Everyone was doing a first look, so I decided it was going to be important to me to have the first time my groom saw me was walking down the aisle. Well, eventually I stopped being silly I realized the practicality of it all. Basically getting pictures done *before* the wedding so we could hit up the reception ASAP. Since we didn't have a cocktail hour, we didn't want to have everyone waiting around while we snapped all our portraits. So, I gave in. And you know what? Traditional or not, I think the pictures are some of my absolute favorites. =)

And David still cried when I came down the aisle, so, don't let anyone use that argument to deter you if you want a first look. =) Oh, and here's some pics we took shortly after our first look!