Saturday, August 20, 2011

Recap Part 1!

I expected to wake up Christmas-morning style, but that wasn't the case. I was actually a nervous mess! Not so much for the commitment--I've never had a problem with that part. It was just that about a year of planning, weeks of dieting, hours writing and rewriting vows, and around 250 guests were all compiling into one evening! There was too much to even wrap my head around! I tried not to think about it all too much. After all, there was actually very little I had to personally do. My wedding was now in the good hands of my mother and friends!

I went with my mom to go get my hair and make up done. Some may call this risky because I have never even met this woman before--let alone done any "trial run." However, things turned out magnificently. Honestly, I wasn't too nervous about it. Hair down, simple make up. No worries, right? Right! ^_^ (luckily) The time getting pampered let me relax a bit. What really got me chill was the first official thing to go wrong. Weird, right? My cake maker texted to say she wanted the cake to set a bit longer before moving. No biggie. She texted me a picture of it sitting in her fridge. Now, I cannot lay 100% blame on her at all, because I never really checked on the design details (just the flavors and the shape/size) but my "blue" was very....not. It did have blue on it. But, the thing is, I just didn't care! Yeah, it wasn't exactly what I was expecting, but it was beautiful. Why should such a thing matter right now? No one would think any less. And just like that I was totally cool. It just snapped things in perspective for me!

See? Beautiful. Color seemed like such a silly thing to fuss about. I never even mentioned it to her!

After getting dolled up, I travelled to the venue while my mother and some bridesmaids stayed at the salon getting their hair done. Just as a note, I was very passive about the hair situation. I said that they were free to do it however they pleased, and I certainly didn't intend for them to go out of their way and go to a hairdresser. However, a lot of the girls did anyhow! Oh well. They all looked fabulous!

Here I am waiting with some of the girls. My sister there in the purple shorts did a lot of other girls' make up. She's awesome! She did it for my bridals, too.

My mother gathered up some munchies and emergency supplies, which was fantastic. And my sister also did me a solid supplying me with that wonderful Route 44 Diet Dr. Pepper. =)

Then it was time for the dress! My mom and sister helped me squeeze in!

Love this shot from our photographer. =D

Then I was ready for our FIRST LOOK! Oh, and the Mr. was getting ready too, at this time....


By the way, if you click the pics you can see them all big and pretty now!

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