Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ready, Set, BOOK!

So there's this venue in Lubbock that's fairly new: the Legacy Event Center. Now, up until about a week before I was engaged I had the Watson Historical Building in mind for my future wedding.

The only problem is that with all the guests I am inviting, I would not have room to have the ceremony and reception in the same place (which I REALLY REALLY wanted).

About a week before David proposed, Mom called and told me about a girl from church getting married at "Legacy." Now, Legacy Play Village is a large wooden playground in Lubbock, so my first thought was "Ummm, you have to book that?" Then she explained.

Legacy Event Center is owned by the YWCA. It was an old church that had been closed down for several years, but the YWCA renovated it and added on and now its a beautiful all-in-one venue for my wedding!

I was terrified of losing my chance to grab it in June so I reserved my date right away! Now, I know maybe I should have shopped around more, but I don't have one iota of regret!

Here's a few pics I found of it while stalking around photographer's sites. There's some more at this link! http://www.ywcalubbock.org/atf/cf/{F40F9F4E-F56B-4947-A78E-209232F7B67B}/Legacy%20Brochure%20for%20web.pdf

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