Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Break Recap Part I: When in Doubt, Don't.

Okay, so, back before spring break I saw an episode of Four Weddings and one of the brides had my same dress! I was really excited, until all the other brides seriously bashed it. I tried to tell my self that they always do that on that show, but, in truth, I was starting to doubt my rather...unusual dress. But then, when I put my dress back on for the first time since this summer, all doubts flew away!

Even though I wasn't at my goal weight, my dress did exactly what it's supposed to do. It made me feel fancy, fun, and confident! I was just being silly.

The bridals went great! Aric and Casey are incredibly sweet and so concerned with making their customers feel comfortable in the photo sessions. (HA! Like I'd ever have a problem with that!) I'm not sure how many photos they took, but if I had to guess, I'd say around a bajillion.....

Now, I haven't seen them yet, but I'm so excited about it, I could explode! Their work is always so insanely beautiful--they never have a bad shoot!

My FMIL, Jeanette, as well as my FBIL, Jacob tagged along. Jeanette literally took pictures of the photo shoot (if you know Jeanette, this is 100% normal =D) and Jake wanted to film the process. He's huge into film, and he's good at it too! Two of the girls from our church are using him as a videographer for their weddings! Anyway, because of that, I have quite a few "unofficial" bridal photos!

So, here's a taste of what to come, photos courtesy of Jeanette!

Goals: Lose weight, and grow out these stupid bangs ^^^^^^^^^^


  1. Erin you are freaking gorgeous! Don't listen to those Four Weddings girls, they're generally insane and trashy lol. You look fierce!!

  2. I love your dress! It looks perfect for you :)