Wednesday, April 20, 2011


BAM! They're here! Pouring in via our website! Okay, "pouring" might be an exaggeration, but still! The other day, I was sitting in a lecture and bzzz--my phone got an email. I opened my inbox, and there it was! My very first (non wedding party/family) R. S. V. P.!!!

This was my face

It was huge. It suddenly snapped everything into perspective. People are coming to our wedding! People are coming, and they want to come so much, they are telling me so two months ahead of time! Can you believe it?? Haha, okay, I guess that's actually pretty common, but still!

I've added it up, and so far, I have 2o definitely-coming-to-celebrate guests! We've gotten a few no's as well, which makes me sort of happy. Not that people aren't coming (it'd be awesome if everyone came!) but just that they were nice enough to let us know! It really is helpful.

We've also gotten a few song requests which I put on the RSVP form, and I'm so pumped! I hope more people make suggestions!

It's all so exciting!!!


  1. yay!!! we did music requests on our RSVP form too, and it was so fun to see how people answered!

  2. getting rsvp's is seriously so exciting!! when is your big day??

  3. How wonderful! And, I love the pic!

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