Thursday, January 6, 2011

Without further ado...

As you know, I was unable to post these pictures earlier because it was in my sister's possession in America while I was in Jordan, but now I'm stateside, and I'm very happy to present....MY DRESS!

Ok, before I show it to you, however, I give you the honorable mentions:

First, the sweet, simple, sleeker silhouette I was originally leaning toward:

Then things got poofy...

REALLY poofy. The David's Bridal associate picked it out based on things I seemed to like. On the hanger I was thinking "Oh sweetie, this is a swing and a miss." But, then when I put it on...I loved it! She was fantastic--definitely my best consultant at any of the places I went to.

Then there was this:

The dress I loved in the cataloge, but had decided NOT to try it on because it was over my budget. But, my mother insisted I try it on! Now, we've both watched say yes to the dress enough times to know this is a mistake. I was working my budget around furiously after leaving David's bridal, certain that I was sold.

Then, I stopped at a little local boutique and found this:

It was another dress I had saved on my computer (but only for inspiration--as it was also out of range.) But at this boutique, it was HALF OFF! Squeeee! It was all that I wanted: ruffles, lace, and drama. Not to mention it made my waist look smaller, haha.

Well, guys, sorry it took so long to show you the dress! Hopefully, you weren't too disappointed!


  1. AWW!! Congrats! I just love your reaction to your beautiful gown! I love everything about it, lace, sparkles, ruffles...def an amazing dress with a beautiful bride rocking it!

  2. You look stunning in your dress! I mean, you look beautiful in all of them but the last one - wow and I love your reaction to how much you love it!!

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  4. Such a pretty dress! You look amazing in it, and yay for half off!!

  5. LOVE getting to finally see it!!
    You just look amazing. Sheesh, I'm so excited for you! Beautiful!